March 31st, 2012


Peter Blume's The Rock and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater (Which I save from ninjas)

When I was a kid, we had the 1976 edition of the Parker Brothers boardgame MASTERPIECE.

It had 24 paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago. The game was probably the first place I saw the Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks, which I've been weirdly fascinated with ever since (As you might guess from my animated icon above).

But one of the other paintings was The Rock, by Peter Blume (wikipedia).

A strange painting, especially when you're viewing it as a kid:

When playing MASTERPIECE, I always made sure I acquired Nighthawks and The Rock at auction. Ten million dollars? No problem! Price is no object!

My niece later had the 1996 version of MASTERPIECE, also with 24 paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago. But not the same 24 paintings. I noticed The Rock was out of the lineup, though Nighthawks was still in there.

(Apparently they're both in the same room at the Art Institute of Chicago).

Turns out, The Rock was commissioned by Kaufmann for his Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater. Finished in 1948.

The construction going on in the left side of the painting is supposed to be Fallingwater (Though Fallingwater had been completed in 1939).

Kaufmann died in 1955, and his son donated the painting to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1956, so I guess it was like, "Get that thing out of here!"

He waited until 1963 to donate Fallingwater to the park system (The family continued to use Fallingwater as a weekend getaway until then).

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