May 1st, 2012



Out today in oversized paperback, MAN-KZIN WARS XIII (Amazon). It feels like we've been at war with the Kzinti forever! And I guess we have; Larry Niven's "The Warriors" story came out in 1966, the year I was born, and the first volume of THE MAN-KZIN WARS came out in 1988, volume 12 came out in 2009, and now we're up to volume 13.

I note a change in publishing strategies; volumes 1-8 came out in paperback, then volumes 9-12 came out in hardback first (Plus a 2006 novel, DESTINY'S FORGE), and this volume 13 appears to be premiering as an oversized paperback.

The Kzinti (Plural, singular Kzin) are cat-like aliens. They're really kind of like STAR TREK Klingons. Bad guys or noble warriors, depending on how hungry they are. They're denizens of Larry Niven's "Known Space" stories (RINGWORLD, et al), which is a somewhat STAR TREKian universe, where faster-than-light drive has enabled Earthlings to explore a small part of our surrounding galaxy.

In 1973, Known Space and STAR TREK had a bit of a crossover; Niven adapted his story "The Soft Weapon" (1967) into the STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES episode "Slaver Weapon." And so Kzinti were introduced to the STAR TREK universe. And haven't been seen since.

Here's a STAR TREK Kzin in his fetching pink spacesuit (wikipedia).

You can watch the episode online at CBS.COM.

Also in Known Space news, coming out August 21st in hardback, the 5th in the Edward Lerner/Larry Niven Puppeteer novels, FATE OF WORLDS: RETURN FROM THE RINGWORLD (Amazon).