May 19th, 2012



Back in 2010 I did an index of all the BOYS' LIFE SPACE CONQUERORS! comic strips from 1952-1972, now archived online in Google Books.

Everything I needed to know in life I learned from SPACE CONQUERORS! For example, aliens with advanced technology indistinguishable from magic? Throw a wrench at it!

Professor H's Wayback Machine blog has now done an improved index, organized by year:
1952. First voyage to Mars!
1953. Same crew goes to an asteroid. Which they manage to destroy. Then a series of one-shots.
1954. Mainly one-shots, though some interconnect about a space station. Until November, Dr. Cosmos's trip to Alpha Centauri!
1955. Dr. Cosmo's trip to Proxima Centauri!
1956. Dr. Cosmos's trip to Alpha Centauri wraps up rather abruptly, then some one-shots.
1957. One-shots, until a July reboot about the first trip to the Moon!
1958. Same Moon crew is sent to Mars!
1959. Same crew heads out of the solar system, and then back to Saturn!
1960. Same crew heads to Mercury!
1961. Same crew back to the Moon, last we see of them in March, then some one-shots.
1962. Sept. 1962 begins another reboot, the final 10-year story arc, of the Galaxy One spaceship.
1963. Galaxy One time-travels 50,000 years ago. Then back to their time. Then to Mars. Then out of the solar system again!
1964. A series of mishaps that cause our crew to discover then destroy a planet. Then on to a planet of insect-humanoids!
1965. Insect-humanoids wrapup, then onto a huge spaceship, then a new planet with a vegetable-monster!
1966. Our heroes overthrow an alien tyrant...unfortunately wiping out the indigenous natives and pretty much destroying the planet as well!
1967. Hyperspace, then Earth 50,000 years ago (Again! But no timeline-changing worries this time). Primo the caveman joins crew.
1968. Ant-men from Alpha Centauri on Titan! Earthmen go to their home planet --- except it's now in Proxima Centauri.
1969. They meet the space-empress, and rescue her from the ant-men.
1970. Either Alpha Centauri A or B goes supernova, destroying the planet!
1971. In the constellation of Lyra, a planet of half-animals.
1972. Defeating the energy creatures from a comet that have been possessing the Ohms. The End!