June 23rd, 2012


The Ya-te-veo, giant carnivorous plant!

I've posted scans before from this 1887 book my grandfather had, J.W. Buel's SEA & LAND, a sort of bestiary or 19th century Monster Manual. Here and here.

I was going to scan more pages from it, but the book is crumbling so much that to scan it is to do damage to it.

But somebody else scanned this in:

from wikipedia: mythical man-eating trees.
In J. W. Buel's SEA & LAND (1887):

The Ya-te-veo ("Now-I-see-you") plant is said to catch and consume large insects, but also attempts to consume humans.

It is said to be a carnivorous plant that grows in parts of Central and South America with cousins in Africa and on the shores of the Indian Ocean.
There are many different descriptions of the plant, but most reports say it has a short, thick trunk and long tendrils of some sort which are used to catch prey.

And flickr user stevelewalready has posted a gallery of scans from the book here.