December 11th, 2012


I Think That Moving Star Is Winking At Me

So there's this Japanese hobbyist satellite, FITSAT-1, launched from the space station,
that was going to flash Morse code on Christmas Eve.
Only problem is, Christmas Eve is a full moon, so they're doing it early.
Tonight, actually. Wednesday December 12, at 6:14:30 UTC
Which will be 1:14 AM ET. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.
Details on their webpage here. shows it here in Atlanta starting 10 degrees up NNW at 1:12am,
peaking 25 degrees up NE at 1:14AM, and descending to 10 degrees up E at 1:17am.
Not that I read Morse code. If I see a blinky satellite, I'll count it as a victory.
The weather doesn't look favorable here, but but you never know.