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Halloween 2012 - The Fly

I went as The Fly for Halloween this year.

Photo by Jennie.

The original 1958 film version. This would be the tale of the scientist who invents teleport booths, but while using himself as a test subject accidentally gets in the teleport booth with a housefly. Resulting in a man with a fly head and arm, and a tiny fly with a tiny human head and arm.

I revamped my Halloween 2010 prop, Chilean Miner Escape Pod, into a Teleport Pod.


On the front of the pod is this QR Code:

If you don't have a smartphone or it's not QR Code-enabled, here's the link it launches:
An ad for Delambre Industries in HTML5.

So I showed up at the party with the teleport pod and dressed as the scientist.

After an hour or two I announced those at the party were about to witness an historic event --- the first experiment in human teleportation, as I had another teleport pod out in the front yard. I was confident nothing could possibly go wrong.
"Human teleportation is inherently purifying!"

Photo by Julie.

Then I returned as The Fly!

And revealed this scene on the back of the teleport pod:

Back (Note spiderweb with spider and little fly-guy):


Extreme Closeup:

On the pod is this box with a button:

When pushed, it plays two .WAV files from the 1958 movie, basically the tiny fly with the human head squeaking "Help me! Help me!" while the spider approaches it caught in the web. It uses a recording module from Radio Shack. Thanks to Wes, and Michael, for their soldering work. Same sound here (Requires Flash).

Thanks to Casa Wilson for throwing their yearly Halloween party!
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