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Halloween 2013 - Sharknado Chainsaw Guy

So for this year's party at Casa Wilson last Saturday night, I went as The Chainsaw Guy from the SyFy Channel Original Movie Sharknado.

For those not familiar with this movie, which is the Citizen Kane of movies where a tornado (Actually a hurricane) scoops up a bunch of sharks from the ocean and drops them on people, there's a scene where a guy gets swallowed by a shark then cuts his way out with a chainsaw.

You can watch the scene here (3-minute video).

I made a 9-foot shark. I was going to make it 6 feet long, but my sister pointed out that if you're going to make a 6-foot shark, you really need to go ahead and make it 9-feet long: It should be larger than you.

Topside view:

Bottomside view: Velcro stomach pouch opens to reveals chainsaw cut and dangling entrails.

At the party: I had the toy chainsaw from my 2009 Evil Dead/Army of Darkness costume. Then I did blood spatter on face and shirt.

Jumping the shark became a party pastime:

For those brave enough to reach into the shark's mouth and stomach, there was was a
tribble and a plush cat in there:

In route to the party, I went into a Kroger's to return a Redbox DVD. I said "Happy Halloween!" to the woman at the next kiosk, just so she wouldn't think I was a maniac, covered in blood. She was not amused.

To give credit where credit's due, I completely stole this idea from this guy at Dragon Con 2013. But my shark's a lot bigger!
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