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Sharknado Chainsaw Guy with 9-foot plush shark at Dragon Con

I reprised my 2013 Halloween costume, Sharknado Chainsaw Guy with 9-foot plush shark, at Dragon Con 2014, on Sunday, August 31st.

Photo by the Netherworld Haunted House folks. Also here.

Back in July, the shark chillaxin' on the couch with a beer, getting ready to watch SHARKNADO 2 on the SyFy Channel.

But I had to do repairs on the shark before Dragon Con. Or, actually, finish it, since at Halloween it was held together by safety pins, unsafety pins, and staples. So the weekend before Dragon Con, I did some half-assed hand-sewing.


Underside with intestines out:

Selfie on Sunday before heading down to Dragon Con:

Standing in line for the 1:30pm Sunday Robocop panel (Peter Weller, Nancy Allen) outside the Hyatt.

In front of the TARDIS at the Sheraton:

In the Hyatt:

Photo by Shae noelleleithe.

I put (individually-wrapped) Life Savers candy in the mouth and stomach of the shark (There was also a tribble in the mouth and a plush cat in the stomach). After people took a picture (Particularly little kids, who were fascinated with the shark), I'd say, in a piratey-voice, "Now, are ye brave enough to reach into the mouth or belly of the beast?"

You know, when the blood-covered guy with a chainsaw challenges you to put your hand in his shark --- s*** just got real!

I thought this worked thematically - there probably really are sharks out there with Life-Preservers in their stomachs!

To give credit where credit's due, I completely stole this idea from this guy at Dragon Con 2013. But my shark's bigger (I don't like to brag about the size of my shark, but...)!

Here's some other people's Sharknado costumes from Dragon Con 2014:
Sunday, Sunday (from here), Saturday, Friday (from here), Thursday, Thursday.
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