planettom (planettom) wrote,

Halloween 2014: Kerbal Space Program

I went to the Casa Wilson Halloween party last weekend as a Kerbal from the computer game Kerbal Space Program.

With this flag, I claim this world in the name of Planet Kerbin!

On the flag: Planet Kerbin.

Patches on the space suit. Changed the NASA one to Kerbal, the USA flag to Kerbal Space Program.
I left the space shuttle one alone, because folks have made space shuttles in the game that look pretty much like the real space shuttle.

That's one small step for kerbal, one giant leap for kerbalkind!

I didn't get the space helmet done in time for the party. Maybe Dragon Con 2015!

I based the design heavily on these kerbals from Dragon Con 2013 (and here). Who were kind enough to provide step-by-step instructions!
Tags: games, halloween
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